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Desso Trax

Trax uses the tactile nature of wooden surfaces to create a warm, friendly connection to the human spirit. Other materials such as bamboo and clay are also at play, underlining the natural quality of the design. Eight colours, each representing a natural flow.

Total Pile Mass 625 g/m2
Effective Pile Mass 500 g/m2
Effective Pile Thickness 3.3 mm
Dimension 400 CM x variable length

Desso Trax

Desso Trax 2035

Desso Trax 2931

Desso Trax 8901

Desso Trax 9063

Desso Trax 9104

Desso Trax 9501

Desso Trax 9502

Desso Trax 9521

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Desso Trax