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Desso Lumino

Lumino is a loop pile broadloom carpet with a systematic combination of high and low pile heights resulting in a subtle rounded structure. The use of dark, light and shiny yarns gives Lumino a subtle shadow effect adding depth and richness to the overall design. Lumino is available in 8 neutral colours. 

Total Pile Mass 950 g/m2
Effective Pile Mass 700 g/m2
Effective Pile Thickness 4.2 MM
Dimension 400 CM x variable length

Desso Lumino

Desso Lumino 2012

Desso Lumino 2931

Desso Lumino 8801

Desso Lumino 9093

Desso Lumino 9094

Desso Lumino 9501

Desso Lumino 9521

Desso Lumino 9990

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Desso Lumino